Professional Sound System

JBL Our DJ's are equipped with only the finest state-of-the-art sound systems. These systems produce clear, concert quality sound at a comfortable volume level. They are carefully adjusted to the acoustics of your room and the speakers are strategically positioned so that your guests can effortlessly socialize at surrounding tables. Unlike many competitor DJ's, our systems are well balanced for a clean wonderful sound at all volume levels to ensure you and your guests have a pleasurable experience. We've invested thousands into making sure we have the best and most reliable sound and lighting equipment.
(Note: If your event involves over 150 guests or the size of the location in the event is big, you may want to consider a "subwoofer sound upgrade". The more guests, the more sound is absorbed. Obtaining extra equipment is not a problem, although it means an extra entertainment fee. However by adding subwoofers there will be extra headroom to adapt to the size of your crowd & venue without straining the equipment and your guests' ears!)

We proudly use famous brands such as Rane, Denon, Pioneer, Yorkville & JBL and others...

Professional Lighting System

Intimidator Spot LED 350 Intelligent Lighting will add that extra exciting visual dimension to your party, setting your party to the next level with a high energy light show that will electrify your dance floor with colorful sophisticated effects. These lighting will put any events in motion and it will set the mood on the people. Unlike many of our competitor's, our intelligent lighting is computer controlled and offers more versatility because it allows the show designer to adjust the colors, speed, patterns and programs to compliment the style of music being played unlike any standard lighting systems which run the same continuous pattern. We've found that Lighting is an integral part of setting the mood for Events.



Wedding Monogram Projection Monogram Projection is one of the first thing your guests will always notice when they walk into the ballroom hall! Monogram Projection is a elegant, sophisticated and effective way to create a unique memorable part of your wedding with a personalize touch. It can be projected onto a wall, ceiling or the dance floor. You can also create a very romantic and elegant atmosphere at your venue if use along with Ambient Up lighting.


Ambient UpLightingAmbient Up Lighting is a great and affordable way for creating an elegant atmosphere. These lights are placed to wash or shine up onto walls or columns. Ambient Up lighting is one of the most vibrant and eye-catching ways to enhance any event. This will set the mood and will bring your event to life. They're great addition to any Wedding, Anniversary Party and other special events. It's Guaranteed To Create A Wow!




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